Opening a neighborhood brewery has always been a career goal for RJ, a long-time homebrewer who stepped up his game and won some fancy awards for his brews over the last few years. After many years of saying “no” (rightfully so, RJ would agree) - his wife and business partner, Dre, finally said, “let’s do this!”

One year later, Little York Brewing started taking shape. 

So who are we?

RJ & Dre relocated to Fort Mill in 2014 from Charlotte and quickly fell in love with the idea of being a local “Fortmillionaire” (well, they are still working on that whole millionaire part, but you know - buy some beer!). It’s got the small-town charm with all the big city amenities you actually care about. Bringing another brewery adds one more awesome spot for locals and visitors alike to fall in love with Fort Mill beer.

RJ & Dre go by mom & dad to Daxton & Daykin and want Little York Brewing to be a family-friendly brewery where people who like a good beer can also bring their kids during daylight hours and still feel good about themselves. With plenty of outdoor space and some video games inside, kids will be delightfully distracted so you can enjoy a beverage and maybe even some conversation. Imagine that. 

And for those looking for good beer and conversation sans kiddos - there’s a spot for you, too!   Everyone is welcome at Little York Brewing, and you never know - you might just become #FortMillFamous! 

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Our Mission

Little York Brewing brings good beer to all people - beer novices and craft beer lovers welcome. 

Our Vision

Little York Brewing wants to be your go-to spot for drinks and conversation with friends and family. We imagine 1000's of new friendships forming within our walls. We'll always be excited to see you.

Our Values

Quality Beer | Delicious and interesting beer you can count on

Community Focused | Your friendly neighborhood brewery

Family-Friendly options | A place to relax and enjoy time with the whole family